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Crochet Kids' Bags horgolás könyv

5.990 Ft
A cute dino backpack to guard your lunch, soft pajama keepers to stash your PJ’s away for the night, a two-sided pencil case to store your multi-colored pens, a soft bag to put your favorite toys away for the next day … A child’s life is filled to the brim with different activities and outings, and what better way to keep it all organized than with cute and soft amigurumi bags?
Elérhetőség: 2 db raktáron
Gyártó: 1001fonal
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt

Leírás és Paraméterek

In her first book, Chabepatterns brings together various designs for bags both big and small. Each project is easy to make with detailed instructions and step-by-step pictures, and the explanations of all techniques used offer support for both beginning and experienced crocheters.

So bag up your crochet tools and get started on a new creative adventure.

Since childhood, crafting has played a big part in María Isabel’s life. When she learnt to crochet, she also discovered a world of creations. She started out crocheting bags and jewelry and continued with designs for children upon the birth of her first nephew, drawing her inspiration from her immediate surroundings and family, as well as from the colorful splendor of nature. Her idea was to combine crochet with designs that would have a specific and practical purpose and to her mild surprise, that original world of ideas expanded a lot more. She keeps falling in love with crochet and seeing her designs come to life is one of her biggest joys.

Release date: September 2017
Number of pages: 120
Finish: softcover
Dimensions: 230 x 190mm

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